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Mergers and acquisitions

After the general health check we give insight into the areas for development and opportunities that exist for improvements.

Buy side advisory

Sell side advisory

We work with the buyers of businesses to complete the due-diligence work that relates to how the executive team work the plan and how the business is performing against the market. Independent assessment of the people, the the working practices and alignment of the business to the aims of the board and shareholders.

Working closely with the shareholders and the board, we work through the preferred sales process, normally prior to appointment of the core advisory team. We coach the management team and strengthen the business plan, scorecards and general reporting.

We also benchmark the business against other similar companies and can work with the key advisors to produce supporting documentation to support due diligence processes.

We work with sellers to help optimise the selling price and maintain the value through the due diligence process.

We know the secret of success

Been there done that......

We have built and sold several businesses that today operate at the top of their respective markets. We understand the pressures on senior management, but aren't afraid to make sure we get the important work to the top of the management's pile of work.


In some circumstances where the shareholders have already voted for an exit, we may consider working on a contingent basis and balance with risk with the reward.


We are also investors in a series of businesses, as such we definitely understand the requirements of investors and make sure our work is in line with good investment practices.

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