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1- Shareholder targets

2- Market Assessment

3 - Product assessment

All plans need to start with the aims of the investors and owners. Working with the board to clarify and confirm the shareholder requirements and time-lines.

Accessing available data and also visiting key customers, prospects and lost customers and prospects. Objective and professional data insight.

By understanding the shareholder requirements, the market potential, we then work with the team to assess the fit of the products and services.

4 - business plan

5 - Alignment

6 - Measurement

We test the business plan assumptions and carefully consider the critical path for the business. In depth SWOT analysis, with independent customer feedback included.

Having a plan that works, requires the careful allocation of resources and changing the way people are measured and rewarded.

Arguably the area that is often the area requiring most work. Measuring the right things, in the right way at the right time is crucial. We build the framework.

services overview

Research and Build

We work with clients to make sure we maximise the market potential with available resources.

We help to align the delivery of the vision with great executive alignment and staff engagement.

Deploy and grow

Sales and marketing need clarity of message and precise measurement. Sales is a process that requires inclusion in the full process of design and build.

Making sure a product can be profitably served and clients feel they have an excellent service, often ensure the shareholders aims are achieved.

Extensive sales

and marketing experience

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